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Dear Sirs,
Kléral System is proud to present you the best Professional Salon Products made in Italy.
Yours sincerely,

Luigi Marianella
(CEO Kléral System)

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The Company

Kléral System was born in Turin in 1968, founded by the Marianella family. Years of experience, intense work and research, enabled us to reach a turnover based on more than 10.000 customers in Italy and abroad.

We care the environment.

These products are free of dangerous components can be used by everyone with no contraindication.
Each and every Kléral System product is subject to dose attention during production and special treatment of the ingredients.
Kléral System is sensitive to environment and has opted for biodegradable products and recyclable packaging.
The cosmetics, containing particularly pure component, are not animal tested.
kleral system


Starting from the most advanced research, the Kléral System laboratories have created the perfect union between science and nature, an exceptional balance obtained by the different specific lines of product for the treatment and the prevention of scalp and hair anomalies.

Kléral System,

not only produces products under its own brand name, but also offers a complete range of hair and body care products for third parties.
Our vast product range also includes a full range of anti-hair thinning treatments: treatments for greasy hair and dandruff, special products to care for hair damaged by chemical treatments, aggressive shampoos or sea salt.
Not to mention the entire range for professional hairdresser use, which includes, dyes, bleaches, perm solutions etc.
Kléral System also has product lines specifically conceived for hair styling and modelling: gels, waxes, mousses e lacquers.
  Best regards,
Gabriela Aleksandra Szuba (Export Manager Kléral System)